Imagine you are standing in front of a group of prospective clients about to launch into a major proposal. At first, you ignore the slight sensation of your glasses sliding down your nose. You don’t want to draw attention away from the PowerPoint, so you push on, denying that they are slipping further down from the bridge of your nose. Doc Brock of Magruder Laser Vision knows all too well the steps that are about to follow, and he doesn’t want this to happen to you. LASIK in Orlando might have prevented yet another embarrassing situation.

Similar to the five stages of grief, the five stages of having your glasses fall off your face follow the same pattern.

  • Denial:

    You’ve denied that the glasses are slowly, awkwardly slipping down your nose. You continue with the presentation, moving it forward as do the glasses.

  • Anger:

    You can’t help but become distracted by them, and then you become angry that they are annoying you.

  • Bargaining:

    In your head, you begin to bargain with the glasses (and perhaps the deity of your choice) to stop the glasses from crashing to the floor and disrupting everything you’ve worked so hard to organize. Please, can’t you hang on just another few minutes, glasses?

  • BAM!!!

    Then, tragically, it happens. You knew it was coming, despite your denial and pent up anger. The bargaining didn’t work, and, as if in some cruel twist of fate, you painfully see it happening in slow motion. Your glasses have fallen off your nose. You try frantically to catch them, and then in some weird and un-choreographed move, the remote for the presentation flies out of your hand and hits the potential client square in the forehead while your glasses fall to the floor, and you step forward crushing them under your foot in an attempt to retrieve the remote.

  • Depression:

    The reality sets in when you find out the cost of replacing the lenses and frames, and it gets you down.

  • Acceptance:

    You ultimately give in and accept that you can’t see without them. They must be replaced.

While this might sound just a bit far-fetched, we hope it gave you a chuckle. The truth is that many people who wear glasses live with the real fear of a situation occurring just like the one mentioned above. Many patients have successfully ridden themselves of this fear by seeking treatments options such as LASIK in Orlando at Magruder Laser Vision. They begin by scheduling a no-cost consultation with Doc Brock who personally meets with every patient to discuss their vision issues and potential treatment options. Call us at 407-843-5665, or contact us online. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.