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Dry Eye Treatment

As a specialty practice, Magruder Laser Vision is committed to helping our patients treat dry eyes by customizing our treatment plans to your eyes.

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What Are Dry Eyes?

This is a chronic condition that occurs when your eyes do not get the moisture they need to stay protected, clear from debris, and well-lubricated. The tear film is responsible for this and is made up of three layers, mucus, water, and oil.

When this tear film is not balanced, you can get symptoms of dry eye including inflammation, gritty sensations, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, redness, and eye fatigue. Beyond this, you may get dry eyes if your eyes produce fewer tears; caused by aging, certain medications, or your environment.

What Makes Dry Eye Treatment at MLV Unique?

With the help of our dedicated team, we use the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to treat dry eye disease. Our dry eye treatment is customized to give you long-term relief from dry eye symptoms like itchy, burning sensations, red or sticky eyes, and soreness.

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What Makes Dry Eye Treatment At MLV Unique
What Steps Are Involved With Dry Eye Treatment

What Steps Are Involved With Dry Eye Treatment?

The MLV dry eye treatment process involves two steps:

1. First, we gently massage away the debris and biofilm in your clogged glands. We use a gentle, state-of-the-art handpiece called the BelphEx to do this. Our team of experts will exfoliate your glands with a soft, medical-grade sponge dipped in a cleaning solution. There is no pain, although you might feel a slight tickle!

2. Second, we use thermal pulsation to gently apply heat to your eye glands. Both eyes are done at the same time, so this step is pretty quick to do. The heat will help remove any excess oil that comes from the glands after they’ve been unblocked.

Who is a Good Candidate?

At Magruder Laser Vision, our team of vision experts will sit down with you and discuss the symptoms of dry eye disease and its common causes. To determine your candidacy for dry eye treatment, we will ask about your lifestyle, talk to you about medical conditions that may increase the risk of dry eye, and take a full eye health history. We will also use diagnostics tools to assess the cause of your dry eyes, and we will evaluate your meibomian glands (eye glands).

During our consultation, our experts are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about treatment options. If you are deemed to be a good candidate, our dry eye treatment procedure can lead to a reduced reliance on temporary solutions like eye drops.

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Why Consider MLV Dry Eye Treatment?

In the short term, dry eyes are often just a nuisance. Causing symptoms like regular eye fatigue, irritation, or sometimes blurry vision. But, if left untreated, dry eyes may cause permanent vision impairment if not managed well and can have a major impact on your ability to complete daily activities like driving, working, or reading. They can impact productivity levels and overall quality of life.

Wash Away Your Dry Eyes & Receive Long-Term Relief

We truly believe that relying on eye creams, eye droplets, and artificial tears for temporary relief can not only be a hassle, but it doesn’t provide you with the refreshment or comfort you need and deserve in the long term. Many of our patients here at Magruder Laser Vision, who have gone through with our dry eye treatment, have remarked on just how much relief they feel after a single session with us.

While the initial results may take a few days to show, our patients experience a gradual improvement in both eye health and dry eye symptoms within two weeks of their first session. And, the bonus is that these results are long-lasting, with 86% of our patients having sustained improvement one year on from treatment.

Wash Away Your Dry Eyes & Receive Long Term Relief

Dry Eye Treatment Technology

You Deserve To Have Comfortable Eyes That Can Take In The Wonderful World Around You

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You deserve to have comfortable eyes that can take in the world around you. If you are suffering from dry eye symptoms, reach out to us at Magruder Laser Vision to discuss how we can help you find long-lasting relief.