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Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery in Orlando, Florida

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Orlando’s Only Comprehensive Center of Excellence for Cataract Surgery

There’s a reason that Magruder Laser Vision has been “Best in Orlando” for over 15 straight years. We are Orlando’s Center of Excellence for Modern Cataract Surgery.

Modern cataract surgery is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. We specialize in customizing your procedure to your eyes & vision goals. State-of-the-art technology makes cataract surgery safer and more effective at achieving crystal clear vision than ever before.

We are the only center in central Florida to offer the entire spectrum of lens implants, laser cataract surgery and I.V.-free cataract surgery.

Let’s review some of the details of what makes cataract surgery at Magruder Laser Vision a world-class experience.

What makes Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery at MLV Special?

In a word… Quality.

From our founding, the Magruder Laser Vision mission has been to deliver the absolute highest quality of care in cataract & refractive surgery…. That means that instead of spending our time trying to do a little bit of everything in eye care, we focus all of our energy on this small area. We are dedicated to being a specialty practice, and our experienced & dedicated team takes tremendous pride in delivering the highest quality cataract surgery that modern medicine makes possible.

While some surgeons rely on technology from decades ago… Would you ever consider using a cell phone from 20 years ago? Should you settle for that kind of technology when it comes to your eyes?

What Makes Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery At MLV Special
Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Orlando’s Leader In Laser Cataract Surgery

Computer-guided laser cataract systems make modern cataract surgery more precise and consistent than the human hand can ever be for the delicate steps of modern cataract surgery. This technology has revolutionized cataract surgery allowing for safer surgery and better vision afterwards.

We are Orlando’s most experienced laser cataract surgery practice. Moreover, our surgeons have worked to help design the current and future generation of laser cataract systems.

Orlando’s Only Provider of all Available Lens Implants

Our expertise is in tailoring your cataract surgery to your eyes and your lifestyle. We are the only practice in Orlando, and one of the few in the entire country, to offer patients the entire spectrum of lens implant options and laser cataract surgery.

These lens implants include:

  • Light Adjustable Lens
  • Multifocal / Extended Depth of Focus Lenses
    • PanOptix
    • Synergy
    • Vivity
    • Symfony
    • Eyhance
    • RayOne EMV
  • Toric Lenses

(Older lenses models not included on list)

Woman revealing her eye after an Orlando lens implant
Eye surgeon smiling at IV-Free Cataract Surgery

I.V.-Free Cataract Surgery

We are Orlando’s only “IV-free” cataract surgery center. That’s right… No poking at your veins is necessary for most patients. The quick and minimally invasive nature of modern laser cataract surgery allows the procedure to be performed comfortably with oral sedatives… so no IV is needed for the vast majority of our patients.

State-of-the-art begins and ends here.

Modern cataract surgery has advanced tremendously over the past 30 years. Like most areas of medicine and technology, you want to take advantage of the improvements in safety and vision outcomes that new technology provides.

Our surgeons are sought after consultants by industry leaders to help design & develop the latest cataract surgery technology. From state-of-the-art lens implants to laser, our team is involved with these state-of-the-art technologies from the start. For our patients, that means we have an expertise in modern cataract surgery like no other in Central Florida, and can use that knowledge to customize your procedure to your eyes and lifestyle.

At Magruder Laser Vision, we pride ourselves leading the way in the development. Our surgeons are active consultants to leaders in industry helping develop & design the next generation of technology.

State Of The Art Lens Implants

What Steps Are Involved With Laser Cataract Surgery?

There are 3 major steps to advanced laser cataract surgery.

A Corneal Incision is Made.

The first step in the process is to make an incision in the cornea, as this incision is what allows us to gain access to the interior of the eye.

An Anterior Capsulotomy is Done.

Once the incision is made, we must remove the clear capsule that surrounds the eye’s natural lens. By removing this capsule through an anterior capsulotomy, we gain direct access to the cataract.

The Cataract is Fragmented & Removed.

Now the laser is used to soften the cataract up, breaking it down into small, soft pieces. We then replace the natural lens with an intraocular lens implant.

It can take as little as 20-minutes to complete the surgery.

Leading the Way

If your surgeon doesn’t offer certain types of lens implants or lasers, then you won’t be able to get it… even if it’s the best technology for your eyes. As the only practice in Orlando to offer all of the advanced technology lens implants, here are just a few examples of how Magruder Laser Vision has lead the way in Orlando:

  • First Light Adjustable Lens implant
  • First Alcon Vivity lens implant
  • First Rayner RayOne EMV lens implant
  • Most experienced laser cataract surgeons
  • First IV-free cataract surgery suite
Cutting-edge technology used in a lab to advance cataract surgery

LaserVue Vision Center Experience

We’re proud to have recently opened a brand new, world-class surgical center at our Main Office location, specifically designed for state-of-the-art laser cataract surgery. Our new center is named “LaserVue”, and in addition to its state-of-the-art technology, it was designed to offers patients a level of comfort & convenience that’s unparalleled.

With the help of our specially trained staff, our center is designed to provide exceptional surgery outcomes, in a peaceful & relaxing environment that puts your mind & body at ease while we work to make your vision better than it’s been in years.

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mlv advanced laser cataract OurTeam

Our Team

Dr. Brock Magruder has been a nationally-recognized leader in cataract and refractive surgery for decades… and he picked up right where his father, Dr. Brock Magruder Sr., left off, as a pioneer & leader in delivering state-of-the-art eye care to Central Florida for generations.

As healthcare became more specialized over the years, Dr. Magruder recognized that to truly deliver patients exceptional outcomes in cataract surgery, the entire practice & organization had to be focused on it – This has been a guiding principle of Magruder Laser Vision from the start.

Dr. Magruder hand-picked Dr. Shumski to carry on this tradition of excellence & specialization. Expertly trained and educated at the finest institutions, Dr. Shumski continues to build upon this foundation of providing the highest quality specialty care in cataract surgery to the patients of Central Florida.

Beyond our surgeons, it takes a team to deliver exceptional patient care. Our entire team, from our front desk staff, technicians, counselors, and optometrists is dedicated and focused on our mission of delivering the highest quality of care in cataract surgery.

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MLV Advanced Laser Cataract Technology

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At Magruder Laser Vision, you’ll have a dedicated team from start to finish that is focused on you & helping you enjoy a state-of-the-art experience when it’s time for cataract surgery.