While common vision correction options like contact lenses or eyeglasses are excellent at helping individuals with poor eyesight, they can become unwieldy as you age, or as you change up your lifestyle choices and preferences. If you are considering LASIK eye surgery as an alternative to these, you may be wondering if there is a best time and age to get the surgery done. 

The short answer: between the ages of 25-40; but it can be a bit more complicated than that, so let’s jump in. 

How Age Influences LASIK Eye Surgery Eligibility 

There are several factors that can influence your eligibility for LASIK eye surgery, such as your general physical health, your overall eye health and any associated eye problems, as well as, your age.  LASIK eye surgery is approved for individuals over the age of 18, so most LASIK eye surgeons will not perform the surgery on those under 18, as your vision is still changing.  Your vision is unlikely to stop changing until the age of 24-25. 

The best time to have LASIK eye surgery done is between the ages of 25-40

This is the ideal range as your prescription for your contact lenses or eyeglasses is likely to have stabilized.  Your LASIK eye surgeon will review previous eye exam records to ensure that your prescription hasn’t changed significantly over the course of at least 2-years.  Within this age group, the most common type of patients to receive LASIK is between the ages of 35-40, citing the need for less dependency on contact lenses or glasses. Receiving LASIK is often considered an investment in long-term, healthy vision. 

What If I Am Older? 

There is no upper limit on age-related candidacy for LASIK eye surgery. Those between the ages of 40-55 and 56 and up can still qualify as a LASIK candidate.  There are just other factors that need to be assessed first to make sure that your eyes can handle the surgery. Surgeons will take a detailed medical history and run eye exams for corneal disorders, glaucoma, and diabetes. If you are above the age of 56, cataracts may need to be surgically addressed  first if they have developed. 

Is There a Best Time of Year to Have LASIK Eye Surgery? 

If there is a particular time of year that you are active in, you may want to avoid having LASIK done during this time. But this is only to make sure that you can make your post-operative appointments. If you are able to make your plans fit around your post-op appointments, then there is no reason to delay. Most LASIK specialists will ask to see you 1-day after, 1- week after, and 1-month after the procedure as follow-ups. 

If you have been invited to a large event such as a wedding, or a cruise, it is recommended that you give yourself a 2-week buffer to let any lingering side effects of the surgery to disperse.  This can include slight redness in the eyes, dry eyes, itchiness, and light sensitivity. By giving yourself a buffer like this, you’ll be able to participate in almost all activities as long as your eyes are protected. 

If you are worried about the seasons or weather conditions, don’t be. Things like temperature and humidity have no impact on LASIK eye surgery. 

Wrapping It Up

All in all, even though there is an ideal age range for LASIK eye surgery, the best time to get it is when you are ready for it. Your age is only one aspect of the eligibility criteria, so don’t let that stop you from booking a consultation and setting up an evaluation of your eye health.