The term “ocular maturity” sounds daunting, like something that happens to your eyes when you are middle aged. However, it is actually the stage in your development when your eyesight finally stabilizes and you no longer require yet another visit to an Orlando ophthalmologist for a new pair of glasses to see in the distance. Once eyes have reached ocular maturity, which may be earlier than you’d imagine, Magruder Laser Vision is a one-stop shop for young adults who are ready to change to a lifestyle free of glasses and contacts.

  • Myopia, or nearsightedness, generally develops either during the elementary years or in adolescence. As it progresses, myopia may cause vision to fluctuate until early adulthood (around 18-21) or later if eyesight changes began in adolescence.
  • By age 18, 90% of myopic patients have reached ocular maturity.
  • Doc Brock and his staff consider your medical records to determine if your vision has changed during the past year. If your Orlando ophthalmologist has noted no significant visual changes in 12-24 months for your myopia, you may have reached ocular maturity. The prescription does not have to be exactly the same every year for ocular maturity reached and the patient ready for LASIK, but the changes need to be small.
  • Beginning in their late teenaged years, patients should begin researching the best solution for their vision needs. While some people prefer LASIK, others may want PRK to correct their vision. Consulting an ophthalmologist at that time will allow an ongoing discussion in the procedure best fitted for your needs.
  • After you reach ocular maturity, any age is a great age for LASIK or PRK if you suffer from myopia, hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism. However, the younger you are when the procedure is performed, the more years you have to enjoy being able to wake up to clear vision without contacts or glasses.
  • When you consider the ongoing cost of contacts, glasses, cleaners, cases, and all the other accessories that come with corrective lenses, the cost of vision correction is minimal. And waking up to a world you can see immediately is absolutely priceless.

To learn if your eyes have reached ocular maturity, schedule an appointment with Orlando ophthalmologist Doc Brock by calling 407-843-5665. You may learn you are the perfect candidate for a vision correction procedure that will leave you seeing better than ever before. Magruder Laser Vision. Correcting Vision – Changing Lives!