Are you tired of having to put contact lenses in during your morning routine? Or, are you frustrated with buying replacement glasses every few years? 

If so, LASIK eye surgery may be the right fit for you. It is a popular elective surgery that corrects your vision so that you can go about your day without the need for visual aids. You’re interested in this treatment process and are looking to schedule an appointment. Still, you may be a bit anxious about the recovery process.

Here is how you can minimize risk to yourself and speed up the healing process. 

1. Follow Your Surgeon’s Guidelines & Advice

We will provide you with preparation tips on how to get ready for your LASIK eye surgery. By following this advice, you reduce your risk of complications and increase the rate of recovery. 

2. Take Time to Heal

While LASIK eye surgery isn’t known for the extended downtime, it is still a good idea to take 2-4 days to rest after the procedure. Some people go back to work the day after LASIK. If you must, don’t expect to be 100%. Go easy on yourself!

3. Use the Prescription Medication As Directed

After your LASIK eye surgery, you will be given custom-compounded prescription eye drops to use in the few days after the procedure. These eye drops will help support your recovery and ensure that you get the best possible results during the healing process.

Make sure to take them as directed and clear any other medication with your surgeon before taking them. 

4. Make Sure to Get Enough Rest

As with any surgery, LASIK eye surgery will have a toll on your body. As such, it’s essential to get enough rest after surgery. Even if you do not feel tired, take some time to lay down, which will help with the healing process.

Try not to sustain high levels of visual focus for the first 24-hours, such as watching television or reading, as this will put a strain on your eyes. 

5. Do Not Touch Your Eyes

It is normal for your eyes to feel irritated or even itchy after LASIK eye surgery.

So, it may be tempting to touch them or rub them to alleviate the discomfort. If you do touch your eyes, you run the risk of introducing bacteria into them, which can cause complications with your recovery time (think infections). If you are worried about touching your eyes in your sleep, wear goggles or an eye mask to protect them. 

If you have any concerns, worries, or questions about the recovery period after LASIK eye surgery, our dedicated team of eye experts at Magruder Laser Vision is more than happy to answer them. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (407) 843-5665 to speak with us today.