Eye correction procedures are much more technologically advanced than they were even a decade ago. The most outstanding technology to date is excimer lasers. At Magruder Laser Vision, one of the solutions we utilize for LASIK vision correction technology is the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® EX500 Excimer Laser System. This system offers extremely precise, calculated corrections while maintaining a high level of patient comfort.

What Is the System?

The Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser is an excimer laser system. Excimer lasers are able to microscopically and permanently reshape the contours of the cornea, correcting refractive errors and allowing light to focus properly on the retina at the back of the eye. “Cool-Beam” refers to the cool ultraviolet light emitted by the excimer laser. As high-energy pulses of ultraviolet light focus on a tiny amount of cornea, irregularities are removed or reshaped.

What Can the Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser Correct?

Patients with nearsightedness (myopia) need a flatter cornea; those with farsightedness (hyperopia) require a steeper cornea; and astigmatism can be corrected by removing imperfections in the cornea to give it a more symmetrical shape. The Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser is able to correct all these situations, usually in under a minute after your consultation appointment!

How Is This Technology Revolutionary?

Because an excimer laser is computer-guided, the results are generally much more precise. No two eyes are the same, and the Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser forms a unique landscape of your eye to determine where imperfections occur and how to correct those anomalies. It is nearly impossible for your eye to remain completely still during surgery, and the Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser has an automated eye-tracking monitor that tracks your eye’s tiny movements and corrects the laser as the procedure is performed. Complications are decreased and vision is clearer when eye-tracking systems are part of the procedure. The Cool-Beam FS200 femtosecond laser creates a corneal flap during the LASIK procedure without use of a bladed tool. This maintains the integrity of the eye and helps in recovery.

The Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser is a fantastic tool to aid millions of patients whose eyesight begins failing every year. As with any technology, it is only as good as the technician. Doc Brock has performed more than 25,000 procedures and is adept at guiding the Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser through its paces. Contact the Orlando LASIK specialists at Magruder Laser Vision today at 407-843-5665 to schedule a free consultation. Read our blogs for more information on the latest technological breakthroughs in eye care and correction.