When contact lenses first hit the market, they seemed like the perfect solution to glasses. You don’t have to worry about things like dropping or breaking your glasses, or getting smudges on the lens. You just stick a small disc in your eye and presto, you’re set for the day. But what many contact lens wearers don’t know is that wearing lenses for prolonged periods can be harmful. LASIK Orlando ophthalmologists offer a different solution to helping people see without pesky glasses or contacts.

Contact lenses cover the cornea of the eye, blocking oxygen flow needed for optimal eye health. If you wear your contact lenses for long periods of time, you are preventing your eyes from getting the oxygen they need to breathe and can cause potential damage in the long run.

If your lenses aren’t properly cleaned and stored between use, it can lead to a buildup of bacteria and protein on the eye, creating a film. Left untreated, the condition can eventually become an eye infection, including giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC), a serious eye infection that is difficult to treat. GPC treatment includes stopping the use of contact lenses altogether.

The prolonged use of contact lenses can lead to other complications as well, including changes in the thickness and shape of the cornea, decreased sensitivity, the formation of micro cysts, and even vision loss.

Changes in corneal thickness can make LASIK surgery difficult. Normal cornea thickness is required for LASIK surgery or complications can result after the procedure. If you have a corneal irregularity, your eye care professional may recommend you discontinue the use of contacts for up to a year in order for the cornea to return to normal before undergoing a LASIK Orlando treatment.

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