Athletes depend on many qualities to be at the top of their game. Most people think of athletes having strong muscles, stamina, development of a specific skill set, and a fierce competitive edge. What many people don’t think about is the need for crystal clear vision. For Kaitlyn Savage, Orlando Pride Goalkeeper, being able to see clearly has always been an intense and personal struggle. Kaitlyn began wearing glasses at an early age and the transition to wearing contact lenses to play soccer was a necessary component to her achieving success in the game. When Kaitlyn Savage joined the Pride, having LASIK in Orlando was an important part of her outstanding contribution to the team.

The top three benefits of LASIK:

  1. Your vision is greatly improved, and it’s noticeable immediately after the procedure.
  2. The results of LASIK are long lasting.
  3. You can pitch the prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, and all of their supplies forever!

Consulting with Doc Brock of Magruder Laser Vision, Kaitlyn learned about the benefits of having LASIK in Orlando as a way to benefit her athletic acuity. Doc Brock explained the procedure to Kaitlyn in a free consultation: “In simple terminology, LASIK refers to the correction of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness, or astigmatism with a surgical procedure. A laser, as the term implies, is the surgical instrument used to remove inner layers of corneal tissue in an effort to restore the shape of the cornea which restores focus. What makes LASIK a perfect treatment option for people seeking corrective laser surgery is that the laser energy specifically targets your lens and releases energy in very short, controlled bursts that are customized to the needs of your unique situation and cornea.”

Kaitlyn scheduled her procedure and had LASIK in Orlando performed by Doc Brock at Magruder Laser Vision. In less than 30 minutes, Kaitlyn’s vision was clearer than ever! Today, she is seeing without the use of glasses or contacts and is thrilled with the results. “I’ve used contacts longer than I can remember, and the freedom of not needing them is incredible. In my profession, your eyesight and reaction time are crucial for success. I feel hyper-focused in a way that I can barely bring to words. I know saying that I wish I would have done it sooner is what people say all the time, but it’s so true. I would tell every athlete it’s the safest and easiest way to take your game to the next level!”

Don’t wait to reap the same benefits that Kaitlyn is experiencing. Call 407-706-4472 today to schedule your free consultation with Doc Brock and see if you are a viable candidate for LASIK in Orlando. Magruder Laser Vision. Correcting Vision – Changing Lives!