While it may have been considered an old wives tale at some point in history, in reality, many people do suffer from headaches after spending long periods of time using their eyes to concentrate on any given task.  Activities such as reading, using the computer, knitting, going to the movies, or watching television can all result in a headache when the eyes are not functioning properly. Dr. Brock Magruder, the premier eye surgeon in Orlando, suggests scheduling an appointment at Magruder Laser Vision to determine the underlying cause of your eyestrain symptoms and to determine what treatment options are best for you. Headaches and vision changes often go hand in hand.

Eyestrain results when the eyes do not focus properly. Headaches can be a product of eyestrain. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism are the diagnostic terms used when the eyes are not working together due to improper alignment of the lens. The eyes struggle to produce clear and crisp images as they were designed to do but, eventually, become strained from not being able to perform their function correctly. One of the most common effects experienced after periods of these concentrated efforts is a headache. The headaches may manifest themselves as a minor annoyance, a dull throbbing, or grow into one that is more severe. Regardless of the severity of your headache, it can be indicative of larger problems and shouldn’t be ignored.

While headaches can be a warning sign, changes in your vision are a definitive indicator that something is going on. If you are noticing that it is increasingly difficult to see things at a distance, or becoming tiresome to spend any time reading, doing your favorite crossword, or spending time on the computer, it is time to seek help from a medical professional. If your glasses or contact lenses don’t seem to be doing the job anymore and your vision is no longer clear, it’s time to seek help. Blurry vision is a warning sign that something is going on with your eyes, or, perhaps, elsewhere in your body. Doc Brock urges to seek assistance from a medical professional to determine the root cause of the changes to your vision.

Correcting your vision and eliminating the headaches associated with eyestrain may be resolved in a number of ways, eye surgery being one. Doc Brock will thoroughly review your medical history before making recommendations for a treatment option that will relieve you of the vision issues you are experiencing along with the accompanying headaches.

Your vision is the number one priority at Magruder Laser Vision. Doc Brock, an eye surgeon in Orland, is here to personally meet with you during your no-cost consultation to address any concerns you might have about your vision and overall eye health. He will review all options for the best treatment to correct your vision problems. Magruder Laser Vision should be your first choice when considering your vision and eye health.

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