People don’t commonly remember the runner-up in a contest, the silver medalist, or the second banana in a comedy team. Doc Brock at Magruder Laser Vision strives to set the bar higher well before any other Orlando ophthalmologist, in order to give his patients the best, most cutting-edge technology. Below are highlights from Magruder’s long history of pioneering the field of ophthalmology in Orlando.

First Refractive Surgery Center

In 1996, Dr. Magruder opened Central Florida’s premier refractive surgery center.

First Autonomous Eye-Tracking Laser

Leading technology across the United States, Doc Brock utilized computer-generated tracking to give his patients more accurate laser procedures.

First Custom Corneal Wavefront-Guided Treatment

in 2001, Dr. Magruder paved his way in Central Florida by choosing to determine eye correction by looking at patient’s eyes rather than their prescription lenses for a more accurate result.

First Verisyse Phakic Intraocular Lenses

Since 2005, permanently installed contacts have allowed patients, with vision that is not correctable with LASIK, to view the world with more precision.

First Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite

The suite of Alcon products, from lasers to computers to monitors, allows fewer errors and more reliable patient outcomes. Magruder’s Wavelight Refractive Suite has been helping patients since 2005.

First Staar Visian Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)  

In 2006, patients in Central Florida had another option for vision correction: the Staar Visian ICLs. Patients with severe myopia now had a viable option to correct their vision.

First Intralase iFS

As technology was updated, Dr. Magruder introduced the Intralase iFS to his patients. Beginning in 2011, many varieties of laser procedures were then performed with the aid of the Intralase iFS.

First LENSAR Cataract Laser

2012 heralded in the LensAR cataract laser for patients with occluded lenses by using augmented reality to judge the density of each individual cataract.

First KAMRA Inlay

In 2016 Central Florida patients with presbyopia or hyperopia had the advantage of KAMRA inlays which focused on near-vision difficulties with a permanent solution not requiring “readers.”

Our “firsts” are only going to be topped as we are more prepared and excited to see where technology takes the Orlando ophthalmologists at Magruder. Call us today at 407-843-5665 for a free LASIK consultation so you, too, can develop your own “firsts.”