Eyes are more than just the windows into your soul. They actually reveal a great deal about your overall health. When an Orlando ophthalmologist peers into your eyes they can see more than you might realize.

Many health conditions present in different ways throughout the body, including showing potential symptoms in the skin, mouth, and even fingernails. But the eyes show more signs than anywhere else because it’s the only place that you can watch blood flowing through vessels and take a look at the optic nerve.

Because the eyes are so revealing, getting regular eye exams is a key part of maintaining your health. Many instances of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are first noticed by eye doctors doing routine exams. They can then recommend patients go to specialists, saving lives for those that are walking around with health “time bombs” just waiting to go off. These diseases and other serious health conditions can be caught and treated before they cause serious damage with regular check-ups.

Common eye conditions to watch out for include red spots in the eye, which can be caused by diabetes and may eventually lead to blindness, and bloodshot eyes, which can mean anything from pinkeye to a fungal infection.

Allergies can also be found in patients with dry eyes. Patients suffering from dry eyes may be enjoying too much screen time, but dry eyes can also be caused by other health conditions, or be side effects of medication.

Orlando ophthalmologists also look out for symptoms of health problems that include blurred vision that isn’t caused by tired eyes. Patients experiencing specks or flashes of light may have a torn retina, certain cancers or even high cholesterol.In 1996, Orlando ophthalmologist, Dr. Magruder, opened his practice and introduced locals to Central Florida’s first refractive surgery center. Since then, he has continued to innovate by introducing game-changing technology and pursuing ongoing education to master the latest techniques. To learn more about the Orlando ophthalmologists at Magruder Laser Vision can do for you, call us at (407) 843-5665 or read our blog for more information!