The reason we all want LASIK refractive surgery is that it gives us freedom from glasses and contact lenses. We have a younger, fresher appearance without glasses and no longer have to deal with the hassle or caring for contact lenses. You may have held off on LASIK due to the LASIK eye surgery cost. However, the cost of LASIK may be more affordable than you think.

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

Lasik eye surgery costs can save you money on your current eyeglass and contact lens expenses. If you wear contacts, the typical patient spends $500-$700 per year on contact lenses. Throw in an additional $150 for solution, cases and eye drops plus your pair of back up eyeglasses and the cost adds up.

Prescription eyeglasses costs vary wildly with the average being about $300 per pair or higher if you want a designer frame. Typically, a patient will change their frame every 2 years.

Did you ever think that by having laser eye surgery you could be SAVING yourself money? LASIK pays for itself in about 5 years!

Laser Eye Surgery Can Save You Money!

Your Lasik eye surgery cost can save you money in the long run. Let’s do the math!

  • Contacts cost about $650-$850 per year.
  • Over a 5 year time period, that’s roughly $3,250 to $4,250 in contacts alone!
  • Factor in a couple of pairs of prescription eyeglasses, and the cost is $3,850 to $4,850.
  • For a more accurate estimate, check out our LASIK surgery cost savings calculator.

Let LaserVue Orlando Help You Plan Your LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

The vast majority of insurance plans do not cover LASIK surgery. However, there are numerous financing options that can make the cost of LASIK affordable for any budget, with the average LASIK surgery cost equal to a monthly cell phone bill.

LaserVue is the leader in refractive surgery in Orlando. If you are unsure you’re a candidate for refractive surgery or want to know more about LASIK surgery costs contact us today for a free consultation. You can also visit our FAQs to learn more about LASIK or review our laser eye surgery cost options here.