Working all day at a computer has given you a headache. You just want to go home and relax by playing an online game or watching television. Unfortunately, many people play out this scenario every day and compound their eye strain problems. It is easy and comfortable to be lulled into a screen for instant entertainment. Magruder Laser Vision’s team has noted a significant increase in a number of patients who complain of dry, irritated eyes with no known cause. Below are a few eye care ideas that may alleviate or eliminate the symptoms associated with staring at computer screens. Follow the 20-20-20 rule

Every 20 minutes focus on a point 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Why? More than just a catchy slogan, your eyes begin to dry after 20 minutes of computer work. Most people blink an average of 15 times a minute unless they are peering at a computer. Then the amount drops to 5-10 blinks per minute. Blinking circulates tears to the surface of the eye, keeping it moist and clearing debris.

Let your eyes focus on an object within the room or outside of a window, as long as it is not another screen. This gives your eye muscles a chance to break up the monotony of close vision. Lastly, it takes approximately 20 seconds for your eye to relax. If our eyes are constantly focused on close work, the strain builds over time. Use an app such as Eye Care 20 20 20 to remind yourself to look up periodically.

Drink plenty of liquids

When your body is dehydrated, your eyes will be drier as well. Hydrating your body will keep your eyes healthier.

Pay Attention to Your Screen

Do you see a reflection of an overhead light? Use task-lighting or move your computer closer to a window to eliminate a screen glare, which strains your eyes. Anti-glare filters for computer screens are another worthwhile option. It’s also important to keep your computer at arm’s length. Anything closer may cause strain. If you have trouble reading text from that distance, increase the size of the font.

Keep your eyes as healthy as possible while you work and play on your electronic devices. Contact theexperts at Magruder Laser Vision at 407-843-5665 if you note any ongoing visual disturbances from computer usage, and read our blog for information on eye health and safety.

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